Each year the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo produces a cosplay parade to kick off their event through the streets of downtown Calgary called the POW! Parade of Wonders. This year, we offered to sponsor the event, as long as we could have some fun with the units and include a social media spin (who wouldn’t want to tweet about a portable toilet, right?).

The event producers let us know over 2,200 cosplayers were expected, therefore four units would be required in the parade queue area. We’d be placed next to a photobooth and the meeting place for some news cameras that would be appearing. Inspiration was struck. We’d cosplay the toilets themselves, and because they needed four, we’d cosplay them as the four houses of Hogwarts. After 60+ hours of creative crafting, we were pleased and proud to introduce a record turn out of 2,500+ cosplayers to #PotterPotty, an interactive evacuation experience where you could be ‘sorted’ in the #PotterPotty house most suited to you, and enjoy a Harry Potter-themed adventure while enjoying PortaPal-quality comfort and sanitation.

The units were decorated to look like Hogwarts houses, with custom ‘have you seen this Wizard’ posters, golden snitches, house flags and more – Moaning Myrtle even made an appearance when guests lifted the toilet seat lid.

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Event Photos

potter-potty-portable-toilet-1 potter-potty-portable-toilet-2 potter-potty-portable-toilet-3 potter-potty-portable-toilet-4











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